CnC:Online Setup For Generals/Zero Hour

  1. Complete account setup on
  2. Make note of your Generals/Zero Hour server login info
  3. If you haven’t already, download and install Generals/Zero Hour
  4. Download and install GenTool
  5. Download and install fixed launchers
    1. Only install fixed launcher for Generals and Zero Hour, so deselect everything except that one
  6. Launch the game from Origin, or other launcher
  7. Change resolution and graphics settings if you havent already
  8. Multiplayer > Online > enter your username and password from step 1b, choose a nickname, enter your age or one that makes you over 13 > Connect

Impromptu Weather Station

A few weeks ago I purchased an OurWeather kit from SwitchDoc Labs to turn into a place anywhere weather station. Never got around to setting it up for testing, until a couple days before Hurricane Matthew arrived. I was able to update the firmware and connect to the station to the Weather Underground Personal Weather Station Network.

Station ID: KFLEUSTI14

Notes: Wind vane was not calibrated to north, AM2315 (temp/humidity) sensor is not weatherproof and was intermittent due to water intrusion, pressure sensor intermittent due to voltage spike.

The following are pictures of the set up.