Saga of Installing Creators Update

The whole update process took around an hour and 20 minutes to complete. 


Here, I thought it would be super easy to install the Windows 10 Creators Update (1703) which released in April (I have Defer Feature Upgrades turned on). Should run just like a regular update right? Not so much for me. 

The previous Friday is when the update first tried to install, getting nowhere past 0% then my computer seemingly locking up. Reboot, revert changes, back to normal. Try it again, same result. 

Fast forward a week to the 1st, Windows is redownloading the update, while it’s doing that, I’m researching reasons why the update will fail. Most blogs and tech sites show error codes and the like, but since I never got to an error code I thought I was out of luck. 

I checked the Ecent Viewer for clues and found an error relating to the volume manager crashing, around the time the update was running. I was thinking this may have been from my forcing a shut down when the computer locked up, but further investigation revealed that the system partition was too small. 

So I went on a partition enlargement adventure with EaseUS Partition Master. I shrunk the C: drive a little bit, ~3GB, then moved the freed space to the beginning where the system partition is, then used the free space at the beginning of the disk to expand the system partition. 

This is all made easy using Partition Master. Luckily I had used EaseUS ToDo Backup to make a system image before doing any of this trying to install the update again shenanigans. Once I was done finagling the partitions, I clicked apply and it told me I had to reboot to complete the process, then I was greeted with this screen on boot: 

Needless to say, if the system locked up at this stage, I would’ve needed to use that backup taken just 30 minutes or so before. 

Once the partition move and merge was complete, the system rebooted once more and then began running the update. Lo and behold, it started chugging then kept on chugging. The whole update process took around an hour and 20 minutes to complete. 

And that’s all she wrote.