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I broke Supreme Commander 2

I moved my ACU 3 times using the escape pod feature, and was on the run from the AI for over 10 minutes after it merced my cousin’s base with Noah Unit Cannon units.

the grey things in the air in the 12th pic are the Noah Unit Cannon launch capsules… we are pretty sure they stopped in mid air when the unit cap was reached. that is also why we think that the blue planes were haulted in a grid over the bay.

the planes didnt start moving till my acu shot one down. then as they came in, my air factory started shooting more down. so domino effect ino the last pic taken right as my ACU exploded in hunker mode.

Save yourself first

I like how our government thinks that it can stop a sovereign nation from using its military how it chooses. We didn’t stop when some nations told us not to go to war in the Middle East again. I think we need to drop the foreign policy of “we must dissaprove of everything some other country does.” Everytime some other country wants to do something we don’t like, we run out mouths. Yet there’s still a crap ton of problems here at home. Stop sending money and food to other countries till you fix the hunger in America. Example: The aircraft safety briefing; apply your mask, before helping others.
You have to keep yourself alive if you want to help others.

Obama saying “that there will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine” is not going to stop anything. He should have just kept that to himself, there’re so many more important issues that he has yet to take responsibilty and care of.
Stop trying to destroy the job system by forcing an increase in minimum wage. Fix your failed healthcare reform, and “insurance marketplace.” Feed the thousands of hungry in America; for that case, I want to see him actually working in a soup kitchen, but not for media gain.

Portable Gaming Rig

I’ve had an Intel motherboard and a Core 2 Duo sitting around for a while, and recently upgraded the graphics card in my main computer from a GTX 670 2GB to a GTX 770 4GB, so I decided I would build a portable gaming computer, as my main system weighs in at around 45 pounds and is not the easiest to transport.


Case: Cooler Master HAF XB Evo

Motherboard: Intel DG35EC – microATX

PSU: Corsair CX600 600W

RAM: 4GB Crucial PC2-6400

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8300 – 2.83GHz

CPU Cooler: ARCTIC Freezer 11LP


The motherboard does not natively support USB 3.0, so I also ordered a USB 3.0 host card with 20-pin internal connector.

I might add the anti-dust AC filter foam if I find it necessary.